Tune Bot Gig Digital Drum Tuner TBG001

  • OFFERS EASIER DRUM TUNING - The clip-on Tune-Bot Gig features a streamlined design that fits any standard drum rim. Its one-button toggle allows you to switch between Absolute and Difference Modes.
  • PROVIDES 2 MODES - The Absolute Mode shows you the pitch in Hz as well as the nearest note and octave. While the Difference Mode helps you get similar or exact lug pitch at each lug.
  • AUTO-FILTERS OVERTONES - The digital drum tuner has a built-in filter that rejects sounds of more than 20% higher/lower pitch so that overtones won't interfere with your tuning.
  • DELIVERS WIDER TUNING RANGE AND SHORTER RESPONSE - Overtone Labs designed the Tune-Bot Gig with 30~400Hz Tuning Range (in 1C ~4G#) and 750 millisecond response time.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS DRUM KITS - The Tune-Bot Gig can be clipped to any standard drum hoop. It works with snare drums, toms, and kick drums.