Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer RB4105 Matte Black Lilac Flash Lens Sunglasses Large

Model: Folding Wayfarer RB4105

Frame Color: Matte Black

Lens: Lilac Flash

Size: Large 54 mm

Condition Grade: B-Left arm does not have a good meet up with front frame and the hinge on the nose does not lock up tight, needs adjustment

100% Authentic

These are from the Ray-Ban Custom shop where buyers can customize their glasses with different color combos or special touches.  They are not production models so they do not have a color and lens combo code after the RB4105, they are ONLY marked RB4105.  The majority of these were put together at the end of the season run with parts left over in the Custom Shop, a few were custom orders that got cancelled.


These do not include a case, paperwork or anything other than the glasses themselves.  

Condition Grading Scale:

A-Like New, no scratches or marks of note.  May show fingerprints from handling.

B-Minor scratches and marks, nothing that will effect vision.

C-Noticeable scratching and/or marks-specific details will be noted