The Cobra is busy reimagining our company, the firearm market has become crazy and a struggle to keep stock.  We're also involved in liquidation merchandise in a broad variety of categories and will be bringing some of those products to the site. STAY TUNED!

Personal Alarm

The Personal Security Alarm acts as a portable security solution that delivers peace of mind wherever you go. This compact inconspicuous alarm attaches easily to any keychain or can easily slip into your pocket purse or backpack. Simply activate the alarm by pulling the pin in an emergency or unsafe situation to immediately draw attention and alert others. The unique pin design makes it difficult for an aggressor to deactivate the alarm. There are 2 LED lights that will also begin to flash once the alarm is pulled to draw more attention. The simple design and ease of use makes the Personal Security Alarm ideal for all ages. This item is available in black only and is able to be imprinted in the circle area on the front of the keychain. 120 Decibel Alarm 2 Flashing LED Lights