The Cobra is busy reimagining our company, the firearm market has become crazy and a struggle to keep stock.  We're also involved in liquidation merchandise in a broad variety of categories and will be bringing some of those products to the site. STAY TUNED!

SL-20X Safety Wand

Full-size professional grade rechargeable flashlight is now brighter and has 40-hr. runtime LEDs for backup illumination. Up to 80 minutes runtime with halogen only; 40 hrs. for LEDs only; emergency backup LED (after full halogen run) = 1 hr. minimum. High-capacity sub-C, nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery. Power Failure Feature: when light is in charger in the on position, it will come automatically during power failure. O-Ring sealed, water resistant. 13.2-Inch & 1.7-Pound.