The Cobra is busy reimagining our company, the firearm market has become crazy and a struggle to keep stock.  We're also involved in liquidation merchandise in a broad variety of categories and will be bringing some of those products to the site. STAY TUNED!

Cobra 1.75 IDR

The High Speed Gear Cobra 1.75 Integrated D-Ring (IDR) Riggers Belt is sewn with strength and attention to detail, this belt is equipped with the new quick release D-RING COBRA buckle. This buckle is the synergistic hybrid of two gold-standard pieces of safety industry hardware. The Stainless Steel D-ring and the COBRA buckle are both built with strength and durability in mind. The HSGI IDR Riggers belt is constructed of 2 layers of 1.75 Type 13 webbing that is sewn together with 5 rows of bonded 138 nylon thread. Additional rigidity and stiffness are added with a proprietary adhesive before sewing. Buckle color matches belt color.
OD Green