The Cobra is busy reimagining our company, the firearm market has become crazy and a struggle to keep stock.  We're also involved in liquidation merchandise in a broad variety of categories and will be bringing some of those products to the site. STAY TUNED!

Chemical Spray Holder

Quickly deploy a defensive chemical spray to increase your chances of coming out of tactical and law enforcing situations unharmed. The U40 Leather Duty Chemical Spray Holder from DeSantis rides securely on duty belts, placing it within easy reach for when it's needed most. The holder is available in three models, accommodating varied OC spray sizes from 2-4 ounces. DeSantis crafts the holder from high-quality, full-grain black leather, which comes available in a plain or basketweave finish. The top snap closure safely retains contents throughout the rigors of a day on duty. The OC holder attaches to a belt up to 2.25-inches wide with a pair of belt slots.