The Cobra is busy reimagining our company, the firearm market has become crazy and a struggle to keep stock.  We're also involved in liquidation merchandise in a broad variety of categories and will be bringing some of those products to the site. STAY TUNED!

Pop-Up Inside The Waistband Holster

DeSantis offers the ultimate conceal carry holder with the Pop-Up Holster Model 020. The holster is made from premium saddle leather in a tan reversed-style to create a two-toned design with its rough-side facing out. The holster tucks neatly inside pants, offering a deep, low-profile that guarantees full concealment. It hooks onto belts with a powder-coated J clip that is made to withstand the stresses of daily wear. Draw the Model 020 by pushing up on the muzzle end through the fabric of pants.
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P238